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Wednesday, December 31, 1969


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Somerset Camp Cadet Testimonials

Tpr. Brock, Hello this is PFC Peters.
I wanted to get in touch with you and let you know that I have moved to Georgia, but I would love to help in any way possible. Camp Cadet helped me so much. The things I learned there have come in handy so many times I cant even count them all. Me and my friend Musselman, who was there the same year I was, still talk about it. After Camp Cadet, I really started to see that I had control over my future and I wasn't going to let anyone influence me in what I wanted to do. I set high standards for myself and so far, I am on the ladder to getting there and I don't plan on stopping. I start at the Art Institute of Georgia in July to finish my degree in pastry chef. I am a Food Service Specialist in the Army National Guard. So if there is anything I can do, I would love to help because you helped me start my life. I owe you a big thank you and so much more so please let me know.
Thank You so much,
Shawntell K. Peters

I just wanted to say thank you for the time you dedicate to the Camp Cadet program. My son, Eric, has not stopped talking about how much he enjoyed his time there. He has always had a problem with self confidence and he finally has found an achievement that he is proud of . So, once again
Thank You,
Laura K.

First of all I want to thank you and all who were involved with my son Kody at camp. It is a great thing you are all doing for our kids. It was an experience Kody still talks about. If there is any way to become involved to help you all with camp in the years to come I would love to help in any way, Thanks again you all were an inspiration to my son!
Kim M.

Trooper Brock, We just wanted to thank you and your staff for providing our son, Will, with a great confidence building experience. He really liked camp. Trooper Myers especially made quite an impression on our son. We would be happy to volunteer in some way to make this opportunity available for others in the future. Please let us know how we might help.
Gail and Chris H.

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